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There are several lawn fertilization & weed control experts in the Little Rock, AR area, but none of them strive to bring the advanced technology, comprehensive training, rapid communication, and state-of-the-art technology like TLS does!  We are offer an affordable lawn spraying service that makes our clients PROUD of their properties, and here’s how we do it:

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Experts Proudly Serving Little Rock, AR, Maumelle & Jonesboro, AR. Backflow Prevention, Winterization For Your Home & Ground Sprinkler Systems & Much More


From our notification system to the gear used by crews, we are believers in using technology to provide top-notch service and fantastic outcomes!


Our team is savvy, highly educated, and undergoes training by industry leading experts!


We’re waiting on your call, e-mail, and text! Our speedy staff replies to customer inquiries and quotes within 24 hours!


TLS uses only state-of-the-art equipment. We regularly maintain and replace our gear to provide our clients with fantastic lawns every time!

So at the end of the day when one of our highly trained techs treats your PROPERTY right AND treats YOU right….we’ve done our job! We’re certain you will be PROUD of how your property looks from the hottest days of the summer to the chill of winter.


Clint Elliott

Clint Elliott

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Spraying Packages Available In Little Rock, Maumelle & Jonesboro, AR

Our basic residential package that starts at $29/mo is for lawns up to $5,000 SQ.FT. and uses all of our high quality and approved treatments that are safe for kids and pets, but still help keep your lawn green and weed-free!  Our plan typically consists of visits in; Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall, Late Fall, Winter, a Soil Test/Results, and Spot Check & Review.  If you have any specific issues, we do also offer additional services, such as; shrub/tree applications, grub control, fungicides, fire ant treatment, fertilization, mosquito control, and irrigation maintenance.  So if you need the best landscaping company that is proudly serving the Little Rock area as well as Maumelle, AR & Jonesboro, AR, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts to get your lawn in top shape today!

Lawn Winterization Services & Shutdown For Colder Months

If you need a trustworthy company to help you with your lawns winterization service & shutdown, don’t hesitate to call TLS!  We can help you shut off the water at the main valve and remove the backflow preventer, as well as make sure the water has been removed from above ground pipes to prevent freezing or damage to your lawns irrigation system.  We also seal all of the pipes to prevent dirt and debris from entering them over the winter.  Make sure you take car of your home’s irrigation and sprinkler systems so you don’t need costly repairs in the spring!  Call TLS today to sign up for our affordable lawn fertilization & weed control services.

Commercial Landscapers & Grounds Keepers - Maumelle & Jonesboro

Keeping your business looking presentable and professional is definitely something TLS is proud to help all of our commercial landscaping clients with!  We offer numerous services that help our clients maintain an appealing landscape at their place of business, whether it’s a manufacturing facility, office building, residential complex, planned community, or a retail outlet, we can help keep the grounds well manicured and impress visitors, customers, and clients alike.  Our main commercial landscaping & groundskeeping services include; scheduled lawn maintenance, turf fertilization, mowing & edging, horticultural pruning & hedge/shrub/tree trimming, spring/fall cleanup, weeding, mulching, and thatching.  Contact TLS today to learn more about our comprehensive groundskeeping services!

Snow Plowing/Removal & Parking Lot Sweeping - Little Rock, AR Area

Keeping your parking lot clean of debris and looking neat and tidy is definitely important!  We can help keep your businesses parking lot looking clean with regular sweeping of your parking lot with our high end equipment.  Or during the winter, we have a fleet of trucks that can help you keep your businesses parking lots plowed making the driving much safer and easier.   If you ever need parking lot sweeping services, or snow plowing for your business lot, as well as snow removal services, don’t look any further than TLS to help you keep your parking lot tidy!

Residential Lawn Fertilization & Weed Prevention in Little Rock, AR - Proudly Serving Maumelle & Jonesboro | Commercial Landscapers & Ground Keepers Near Little Rock